Below are some of my Client Testimonials

By: Judy Simpson

I was a 72-year-old woman when my Mom was diagnosed with demensia and I realized I had to get her into LTC, ready her home for sale and sell it. At the time Kwesi Johnson was assisting another realtor. When he learned I had no help whatsoever, he took over and orchestrated the whole thing. From arranging help to sort and pack, to moving items to my apartment and LTC, to numerous trips to the dump, to reassuring me that everything would be okay. I was an emotional wreck and I assure you I would not have been okay had it not been for his kindness. I still remember him telling me several times: "It's okay. You got this Judy." Kwesi Johnson is an outstanding, compassionate, hardworking gentleman and I would recommend him to anyone seeking a fair and honest realtor who will get them a fair deal and support them throughout the entire process. Choosing Kwesi Johnson is your first step to a successful real estate transaction. I guarantee it.